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Training ufficiale del CFM Center for Mindfulness - UMass
Training formativo per insegnanti MBSR
MBSR PTI Practice Teaching Intensive 9-day
Roma 3-11 Luglio - Rome July 3-11, 2019 Italy

Training residenziale e intensivo di formazione per insegnanti MBSR
Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

Residential Training for MBSR Teacher
Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction
Teacher Trainers Anne Twohig and Franco Cucchio


Training formativo ufficiale del Center for Mindfulness-UMass in Medicine, Health Care and Society - Medical School University of Massachusetts per insegnanti MBSR

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MBSR Practice Teaching Intensive
3-11 July, 2019 Rome - Italy

CFM Teachers Trainer: Anne Twohig and Franco Cucchio


This advanced MBSR professional education and training course is a personally demanding and intensive exploration of the content of the 8-week MBSR course curriculum through small group learning activities and practice teaching experiences.

Conducted over eight consecutive days, students are immersed in MBSR underpinnings and methodology, Standards of Practice, specifically identified MBSR teacher competencies and pedagogical approaches. Experiential learning of the MBSR curriculum is enhanced through simulated peer teaching and feedback from both peers and senior MBSR teachers. Within this setting, taking on the role of the teacher hones teaching skills and deepens the ability to guide all aspects of the MBSR course. Participants teach various components of the curriculum in order to demonstrate knowledge and capacity in guiding others in MBSR.

This course meets for eight continuous days during which full attendance is required.

Upon successful completion of MBSR Practice Teaching Intensive (SR-402), prospective MBSR teachers are granted "CFM Qualified" MBSR Teacher status and are authorized by the CFM to offer full 8-week MBSR classes to the public. Additional education and training is required to become a Certified MBSR Teacher and listing on the CFM MBSR Teacher Registry.

Following SR-402, students complete a self-assessment of MBSR teacher competencies based on the Mindfulness-Based Interventions Teacher Competency Assessment Criteria (MBI-TAC) and engage in a process of self-development through required group and individual supervision and on-going self-evaluation.


- MBSR Fundamentals
- Retreat #2 (second of four retreats required for Teacher Certification)

Educational Objectives

Study, in detail, the MBSR methodology, and theoretical and pedagogical underpinnings.

Describe MBSR Standards of Practice and teacher competencies established via the Mindfulness-Based Interventions Teacher Competency Assessment Criteria (MBI-TAC), with particular emphasis on three competency domains: 1) coverage, pacing and organization, 2) conveying course themes through interactive dialogue and 3) holding the group environment.

Apply knowledge and demonstrate skill in guiding MBSR mindfulness meditation practices as well as practice-teaching didactic elements of the 8-week MBSR curriculum-

Integrate consistent and detailed peer and senior MBSR teacher feedback on practice teaching of MBSR components.

Analyze and demonstrate the precise use of language to enhance clarity of instruction, practice guidance and class dialogue.

Demonstrate teaching that displays a working knowledge of identified MBSR teacher competencies via the Mindfulness-Based Interventions Teacher Competency Assessment Criteria (MBI-TAC).

Identify and articulate the research implications of the MBSR approach and its utility for referring physicians, psychologists and other healthcare professionals.

Learning Outcomes

Investigate theory, content, and presentation of 8-week MBSR course curriculum with an emphasis on the role of the teacher
Demonstrate an understanding of the ethos, structure and pedagogy of MBSR
Examine and apply the language and methods used for teaching and guiding others in the formal and informal practices of mindfulness meditation in the 8-week program, with adaptations needed for various settings
Articulate and demonstrate the experiential, didactic, conceptual and practical elements of offering an 8-Week MBSR course


Apply knowledge and demonstrate skill in delivery of key elements of MBSR curriculum
Apply the range of MBSR foundational competencies and teaching skills, including embodiment of mindfulness, inquiry, dialogue, and holding the group learning environment in meeting difficulty and evoking potential for human flourishing
Demonstrate proficiency in guiding others in a range of MBSR meditation practices
Develop an increased capacity for sustained dynamic stability in the midst of uncertain and demanding classroom situations and circumstances

CFM Teachers Trainers

Anne Twohig, founder of Centre for Mindfulness Ireland, has been teaching Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Programmes (MBSR) for the past 10 years. She trained with the Center for Mindfulness, (CFM), University of Massachusetts Medical School (UMass). Anne is the first MBSR Teacher in Ireland to achieve Certification from CFM, UMass and is now a member of their Professional MBSR Teacher Training Team.
Teaching Mindfulness has brought Anne in contact with many areas within society and health care. Her work includes teaching the 8 week MBSR Programme, day workshops and tailored programmes.
She has worked extensively in Mindfulness training for health care providers focusing on self-care in the work place. These organisations include Barnardos, Enable Ireland, and the HSE. She also works in education, corporate and banking sectors.
Anne works with the general public teaching mindfulness as a support for taking charge of the stresses of life in the 21st century. Anne is an awardee with Social Entrepreneurs Ireland for her work in Mindfulness in Education.

Franco Cucchio, is a Certified MBSR Teacher Trainer. He completed the Apprenticeship Program Practicum in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction at the Stress Reduction Clinic and at the Oasis Institute-CFM Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society, University of Massachusetts. He is also a Coach ICF -International Coach Federation- and a mindfulness teacher for Coach U Italia training school. He’s been teaching MBSR program since 2009 at Motus Mundi as well as for other organizations and has been involved in the Corporate Mindfulness Program. He leads mindfulness silent retreats and teaches mindfulness for the Training di Base Sensibilità Mindfulness at Centro Formazione Mindfulness.
He co-founded Tara Cittamani Buddhist Centre F.P.M.T. (Foundation for Preservation of Mahayana Tradition) in Padova and has been studying and practicing Tibetan Buddhism since 1985. He practices Vipassana meditation, too. He is the president of Motus Mundi Center for Mindfulness.

The retreat starts on July 3 at 5.30 pm and ends on JUly 11 at 12.00 am.

The training-retreat will take place in Rome, at Fraterna Domus, Via Sacrofanese 25 – 00188 Roma

All application forms will be evaluated and the letters of acceptance will be sent to you within April 15 together with the online page link to complete registration and payment.

Upon receipt of the confirmation of participation, it will be possible to complete registration and payment through the online page of the administrative agency 9 DOTS Srl. The link will be sent to you with the confirmation mail. If payment is not completed within 15 days, the registration will be cancelled to allow other people on the waiting-list to apply.

Upon receipt of the confirmation of participation, it will be possible to complete registration and payment through the online page of the administrative agency 9 DOTS Srl. The link will be sent to you with the confirmation mail. If payment is not completed within 15 days, the registration will be cancelled to allow other people on the waiting-list to apply.

Cancellation Policy
Should you cancel your booking with us by May 30th, we will grant you the full refund of the attendance fee. Cancellations between June 1st-15th will receive a 70% refund. Any later cancellations, from June 15th to June 30th, will receive a 50% refund. Any cancellation received after June 30th will not be refunded. Please note that administration expenses will be charged (€ 80,00).

The training will be led in English and Italian. Translation service from Italian into English will be provided for the whole training by professional simultaneous translators via radio.

Host organization
Motus Mundi Mindfulness Center

Agency for administration
9 DOTS S.r.l.

For information - office: +39 340 4859093

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